Breast Milk… Liquid Gold!!

Our Mama’s Milk lactation tea has been created by our Naturopath to provide support to breastfeeding Mamas, helping you provide the best for your precious bambino.

Mama’s Milk contains vitamins and minerals helping to support lactation, promote healthy milk flow and soothe bubs digestion.

It is fragrant and nourishing for all breastfeeding Mamas to enjoy.


Herbal Tisane made with organic: Fenugreek seed, Goats rue, Fennel seed, Caraway seed, Spearmint leaf, Aniseed, Marshmallow root

Traditionally used for:

Fenugreek seed:  Milk production & can soothe digestion for both Mum & bub

Goats rue: One of the best known herbs for Milk production

Fennel seed: Carminative – Relief from colic & wind & also milk production

Spearmint leaf: There is only a small amount of spearmint in this blend mostly for its refreshing taste but it can also assist with digestion

Caraway seed: Carminative – Relief from colic & wind & also milk production

Aniseed:  Carminative – Relief from colic & wind

Marshmallow root: Soothes digestion for Mama & bub

No caffeine, added sugars or flavours. Vegan friendly.

Brewing suggestions
Infuse one teaspoon of Mama’s Milk in a pot/infuser for 10-15 minutes.

50g – Approx 35 serves

Formulated by our naturopath and herbalist and made from the highest quality organic herbs to ensure maximum therapeutic benefits when drinking. It is completely caffeine free, vegan friendly and has no additives or sugars added.

 *This product is a herbal tea. If you are pregnant, nursing and have any concerns please consult your health care practitioner before taking this tea *