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Read customer reviews from Mamas who have shared their own experience with our range of pregnancy and lactation herbal tea blends. There are multiple reviews of Mama’s Milk, Raspberry Leaf Tea, Baby Bliss, Soothing Tea and Morning Wellness Teas.

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Jess & Jess x



Mama’s Milk Lactation Tea

  • I have been using Mama’s Milk for 6 months and find it amazing! I feel and see the difference in my milk supply when I forget to drink the tea.
    Not only is it delicious and effective it is also great value for money.  I would highly recommend anyone wanting to boost their milk supply to try this tea!!

    Melissa Humphrey  /  Email 


  • Hey MBT, Just wanted to say a big thank you for the great tea you are doing. My wife birthed like a superstar after drinking your Raspberry Leaf Blend and is breastfeeding great with the Mama’s Milk tea everyday.  Believed every bit of it helped. Cheers.   Kye / email 


  • Love this tea, it’s helped me with my second bub so much! Just ordered ‘baby bliss tea’ as well.  @loveelmamae / Instagram


  • I am beyond happy with my tea!! I didn’t know what to expect, I had never used anything to help increase my milk supply.
    Would it work?
    I was happy to try anything! And Mamas milk tea was my try. And boy was it a good one. Drank 3 cups first day I got it and the next day, I felt the increase already. Day two, wow I could feed a whole village of babies!!I had just started a new job that had more hours then expected and I had no milk stored, while feeding my 4 month I didn’t have any to spare. He drank, a lot!! And I was filling up jut for him no extra !!I am so happy !! Thank you Mama body Tea!! And can breast feed still and express ! Hooray!                       Phoebe Bakker / Email


  • Absolutely love drinking my Mama Body Tea – the Nursing Tea is my favourite! I make sure I add a cup to each day and now I am exclusively breast feeding my 9 week old baby. No more top ups! Thank you Mama Body Tea xx  Ella Edwards / @dreammonstar / Email


  • After having supply issues with my first baby, I decided to be really proactive with bub 2 and packed my MBT Nursing Tea in my hospital bag to start drinking from day 1. It is so delicious and it has been very effective in boosting my supply.  I have been enjoying about 3-4 cups per day and when I briefly ran out for a few days I really noticed the difference in my baby: he was less settled and didn’t sleep as well. Then when my next batch of tea arrived in the post, things improved again. I’d highly recommend the Nursing Tea for new mamas – it’s delicious hot or cold, and it works!I will have to order some more so I don’t run out again!  Tenielle  / Email 


  • I just want to take this time to say thank you for your nursing tea. I’m a breastfeeding mum to 4 months old twins, and your nursing tea has helped me with my supply over the last 3 months. Before I had the twins I was already stressing about the potential of not producing enough milk for two babies but this product is amazing, and a few cups a day boosted my supply dramatically. And not to mention I was never a big herbal tea drinker until I started on your tea, but it tastes amazing!!! One happy mama right here!  Corinne Merrigan / Facebook 


  • Best tea! Before started this tea my little girl used to be so colicy and unhappy now i use this tea daily and have noticed a HUGE difference in her. Ill defs be reccomending this to any mums and mums to be.  Kirra-Lee Clarke / Facebook 


  • I really noticed a difference in bub over the few days when I’d run out – he has definitely been more settled and has slept better when I’ve had my tea so I’m completely converted! I’d happily recommend this tea to new mamas. Thank you for making such a great (and delicious) product. Tenielle / Email


  • ‘I have been drinking tea from @mamabodytea, it’s amazing and works wonders.  Might help you also. Enjoy 🙂  # fromonemummatoanother  @gabbee_x / Instagram


  • WOW is all I can say. I am absolutely astounded. I contacted Mama Body Tea via there website after seeing some advertising on Instagram in regards to some Nursing Tea that was available. My milk supply had no longer been pre-building up (normal for around 6 weeks PP, as it just gets made as baby suckles!) but I wanted more so I could comfortably express also. I had one serving the day I received it, and to be honest at first I was skeptical as to whether or not it would work for me, but the next morning I woke up and my milk supply was honestly, full on. It was GREAT! My breasts were full, bursting at the seams is a good way to put it! I hadn’t leaked lately and come on, it can’t be a coincidence! I’ve had a brew of nursing tea each night since I received the tea and my breasts have been full, if not fuller than they were when my milk first came in. Oh, and did I mention since taking it, Lincoln has begun to sleep through the night? Yep! It is AMAZING. Really, really amazing. I HIGHLY recommend Mama Body Tea and their Nursing Tea. Their packaging is gorgeous, not an eye saw in my kitchen, the tea surprisingly tastes REALLY good both with and without milk and the scent from the packet is divine! I couldn’t be happier. Did I mention a packet lasts on average 28 serves, and that it’s ONLY $14.99? Amazing!RATINGS:
    9/10 FOR TASTE.
    And another 10/10, because this product is doing EXACTLY what it has advertised to do.  
    A xxxxx  / Blog


  • 10/10! I’m so glad I’ve managed to get friends on board with Mama Body Tea also! Thank you for the teas and the excellent customer service every time, I can assure you you’ll be assisting my breast milk production and quality until my son self weans!! Xoxo  Alexandra R / Facebook


  • It’s absolutely amazing! I highly recommend it, my boobs fill up and I’m able to pump so much more when I take it the day before! It’s crazy!  Noverberchildren / Instagram 


  • Loving my Nursing Tea… Thanks to Mama Body Tea J  Felicity V / Facebook


  • Oh ma laaaaawd, @mamabosytea so delish J  Alexandra R / Instagram

Raspberry Leaf Blend

  • Hi! 
    Just wanted to let you know I tried your Raspberry leaf tea while pregnant and it was amazing! Labor and recovery went amazing and I truly feel like your tea was a big part of that!               Caitlin / Emailed Mama Body Tea. 


  • MMM raspberry leaf pregnancy tea all day long.  Drank loads of it while pregnant with Elvis as well, per midwife’s  request.  Is known to be helpful in assisting with the birth of baby and placenta by strengthening and toning the uterus.  Calms cramping of the uterus as well.  Drinking up @mamabodytea today, so good with peppermint, nettle and rosehips – chilled with lemon.  Ellen Fisher / Instagram  @ellenfisher


  • Raspberry Leaf tea worked for me!!  Third bub, was induced as i was with my previous bubs but somehow I could handle the contractions whereas my other two I couldn’t handle it and got the epidural.  Had a very fast 2 hour labor and felt in control when birthing bubba and felt amazing afterwards.  I really think raspberry leaf tea works fabulously!  @kimmysue01 / Instagram


  • Enjoying my 100% organic herbal Raspberry Leaf Tea from Mama Body Tea J Helps strengthen uterus muscles and tones the pelvic floor. Moms I recommend to try J  Okcsi – Insta


  • “My obstetrician suggested to drink Raspberry leaf tea to help strengthen my uterus ready for my delivery. I was using all the advise I could get as it was my first pregnancy. I drunk Mama body tea’s raspberry leaf tea from 27 weeks and would highly recommend drinking it for the benefits and flavor!”   Jessica (Bayside)


  • This Raspberry Leaf tea is delicious!!  I am pregnant with my 3rd baby and I have drunk raspberry leaf with my perviously pregnancies but this really is such a lovely, easy to drink herbal tea.  Looking forward to trying your nursing tea!   Sarah P – Instagram


Baby Bliss Tea

  • Thank you so much Mamabody tea for providing a Natural and Organic tea to help soothe and calm my new baby. I have been using the Baby Bliss tea since my son was 1 week old and it is perfect. It has helped his wind and settled him when he has been upset.  I have also given it to my 4 year old daughter when she has had an upset stomach and it has soothed and calmed her.  The girls (wasn’t sure if I should put your name) at Mamabaody tea are warm, friendly and happy to answer any questions which is perfect when you have just had a new baby and feeling a bit anxious. It is very easy to purchase the tea from your website and delivery is fast. I have also purchased a Mama and Bub gift pack which is beautifully presented and I know the mum to be will love it as much as I do. Thank you for giving mums and mums to be a Natural and Organic way to help them during pregnancy and after.  As a mum I always want the best for my body and my babies. Maree P – Facebook


  • Got given some ‘baby bliss tea’ as part of a gift box…  Had bubba with an upset tummy and it worked a treat!  Will definitely be recommending as well as ordering again! Thanks @mamabodytea .  @drummingpots /  Instagram


  • “I heard about Babybliss tea from a mum in my mothers group.   She was using the herbal tea to help settle her upset baby during the night. Just by having a room tempture bottle of the tea ready, she was able to give her baby a drink and within a short time the baby would calm down and settle again.  Hens I have use it now and I have past on my secrets to settle my little. I feel so much better using this natural herbal tea instead of using medication when my baby girls unsettled. Thank you”.  Sussan – Instagram 


  • I hate using panadol or nurophen as the ‘go to’ if my baby boy’s not feeling himself. I’ve used Baby bliss tea and found it works really well to calm him. I now give it to him every day and its amazing how much he is settled, especially in witching hour!:)  Stacey C – email 


  • My baby boy has always been un-settled. I breastfeed him and top up with formula. I have given him Babybliss tea now for a month and the results have been life changing! I recommend to any new mum!  Kirra C – Face book 


  • “Evie my little girl has been teething and not sleeping very well on and off for a while..  So I thought I would try your Baby Bliss Tea. I just wanted to let you know it’s really helping to settle her and I now use it all the time.  Thank you.”  Jill – Email 


  • Love this herbal tea! My baby boy suffers from stomach cramps all the time, especially when I lay him down. I’ve tried the Baby bliss tea and I have found when he drinks it, he burbs – quite a few times & then he’s ok to be laid down. Happy & content… Thank you Mama Body Tea for your wonderful natural product! X  Penny S – Email


  • Jess…
    Couldn’t work out how to leave a review on the website… so i will email you but wanted to let you know my boy loves your baby bliss tea. He has drunk a bottle of it before bed and then had his boobies afterwards everynight this week. I have had a much more relaxed and calm baby when it’s come to bedtime. And he has been so much easier to get down! It is so nice knowing I am giving him something natural and organic and can continue to do so. The tea is so easy to prepare and we just freeze portions in his food trays and place in his bottle or sippy cup with a little hot water. After a few minutes it’s ready to give him!
    I’m also enjoying the mama’s milk tea! It still surprises me just how easy it is to drink. I was so doubtful I would enjoy it as I’m really not a fan of herbal tea’s.  But I love the flavor of the spearmint leaf and how it’s the stronger flavor in the tea! I like knowing I can pass this also to bub through my milk! I cannot wait until my next pregnancy when I can try the rest of Mamabody’s range of tea’s. And start using the baby bliss tea from the beginning with a new bub! I wish I had come across Mama body tea 11 month’s ago, but better late than never! After one week I’m already recommending your range to my mummy friends! Thank you so much for all your help with all my questions and the quick delivery too! I hope to let you know soon how my mum goes with the morning wellness tea too. She tried the babybliss and quite enjoyed it!!!
    Thanks again Jess
    Becc Barkess

Digestive /  Soothing Tea

  • Oh this tea is so good! I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I constantly feel like I can’t fit anymore in. I come across MBT on instagram and I so glad I did because I love this tea! It’s been great over the festive sesson.. My Fav!!  Megan H


  • Indigestion is back with a vengeance!  It’s such a horrible yucky feeling but drinking tea really does soothe it for me.  @bazaarmumma /  Instagram


  • 36 weeks down, 4 weeks to go.  Current situation = eating everything in sight and the indigestion kicking my ass.  I could have kissed the postie when he delivered my @mamabodytea Soothing Teaearlier today, this stuff is Liquid Gold! Fellow pretties, get on it!  @oandmighty / Instagram


  • “I was looking for a tea to help with my intergestion – I had it serverly in both of my pregnancy’s. The Digestion Tea from Mama Body Tea was really nice to drink and found it soothing and helped digest my food a lot quicker if I wasn’t to have a cup of tea after my meals. My husband and girlfriends enjoy drinking this tea too. Thanks mama body tea.” Jenny (Seymore)


  • Mama Body Tea is the best! X  Even my husband tried it @theessentialbabyandtoddlershow and #loveit xx  My Tiny Wardrobes Sydney / instragram


  • My daughter put me on to Mama Body Teas Digestive tea and I love it. I’ve been a daily herbal tea drinker for 30 years and this is a beautiful tasting tea. Lovely balance of flavours, soothing and refreshing! Mary S

Morning Wellness Tea

  • Hello Beautiful, Well I have tried your tea when I had severe nausea yesterday and I mean it was dreadful as I am a dialysis patient too and within 30mins the nausea was GONE!! This tea is absolutely incredible!!! And delicious, thank you so much for this wonderful creation!  Lesley – instagram


  • Dear Mama Body Tea, Loving the Morining Sickness Tea.. Being my 3rd pregnancy I thought I knew all the tricks of the trade. I had never had morning sickness, until now…. Laying in bed one day, desperate for a natural remedy, I came across your Morning Sickness tea and ordered some straight away on my phone. Now onto my second bag I am addicted! Each morning I am bought a tea and feel comforted, at ease and stable. Thank you for being so clever. I am looking forward to your Raspberry Leaf and Feeding teas in the months to come. SARAH KEELEY – email 


  • My Morning sickness has continued to stick around like a fruit fly in honey. On top of that, I had the worst (the only) bout of food poisoning/vomit virus I have ever had. This tea has been my lifeline as of late. I have one every night as that is when my morning sickness is at its worst and it was one of the things I trusted ingesting after being sick. All you mums who need a little natural helping hand – Mama Body Tea is your friend!I have been feeling all shades of gross today so enjoying a cup of my mama body tea Morning Sickness tea…. Making my stomach feel a lot better..  Tara Kaye Clarke


  • Tried your teas for the first time today. Absolutely delicious! Best I’ve found in a long time! I’ll definitely be back for more!  Erin G. / instagram