About to have a baby? Excited? Nervous? And not really sure what to expect? We hear you. As Mum’s, we have all been there, and we have all had different birth experiences. We spoke to Amelia a qualified Midwife @themidwifemumma and asked all the questions we thought all expecting Mum’s might want to know and […]

Drinking the right herbal tea in pregnancy can actually benefit you and your growing bump With my first pregnancy I remember there being just so many rules. Eat this, don’t drink that…and one of the first questions you may have is ‘If I’m not drinking my daily coffee, what can I drink?’ Discovering that not […]

How different would life be without your beautiful friends? We simply can’t imagine how ours would have been as our friendship has been entwined through everything. As it’s Friendship Day on July 30, our sneaky marketing manager asked us about our friendship and we thought we’d share the answers with you (minus any embarrassing old […]

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Let the glowing begin, with joy just radiating from you… Oh wait, there’s no glowing going on here! For more women than not (around 70%), the first trimester of pregnancy is a time of queasy nausea rising with just the slightest smell or thought, rather than a blissful glow. All of this […]