Mindfulness in May during pregnancy and beyond

As Mamas, we often forget to look after ourselves, during pregnancy and beyond. We do everything to nurture and nourish our babes, and sometimes neglect ourselves. Here are Mama Body Tea, we want to look after you, we want you to look after yourselves. A happy, healthy, calm and relaxed Mama means a happy, healthy, […]

C-Section Birth Story – The Mummysomniac

Here at Mama Body Tea, we are all Mamas and we have all birthed differently. No mater if you birth naturally, or have a c-section, all births are beautiful and all births are special. Kirsty from @themummysomniac shares her birth story with us. I was afraid. All I had ever heard people talk about, were […]

Twin Mama Crown – Blessed in Doubles

Twins. They can be quite a surprise, and often a little more challenging than just one newborn. But what if you had two sets of twins? Beautiful Mama Zoe, Blessed in Doubles, shares her story “My Twin Mama Crown”. TWIN MAMA CROWN The one thing I hear constantly is “WOW, you have two sets of […]

Twin Mama Diaries Birth Story – Multiple Birth Awareness Week

As it’s Multiple Birth Awareness Week, we thought we would share this beautiful twin birth story. Trudi, The Twin Mama Diaries, shares her story about the birth of Jada and Marley. THE TWIN MAMA DIARIES BIRTH STORY l’ll start by saying that I’m quite an anxious person. Naturally, when I found out that I was […]

Infant Loss – Sarah and Alice’s Story x

Pregnancy and Infant Loss is an eternal heartache for so many parents around the world. Every story is different, and every parent heals and grieves in their own way. We spoke with the beautiful Sarah about her daughter Alice who was with them for five wonderful days. We love and respect both your story and […]

Brittany Noonan shares her Top 10 Post Baby Fitness Tips

We all want to be happy, healthy Mamas for our little loves and ourselves. Although we all know we need to take time to recover after having a baby, most of us are also really looking forward to getting our bodies moving again. Exercise is not only good for the body, but good for the […]

Pregnancy Nutrition – What to Eat and What to Avoid

Knowing what to eat while you are pregnant to give both your babe and yourself the best nourishment can be a little confusing. Add in crazy pregnancy cravings and morning sickness, some Mamas struggle. We spoke with Briony, a Pre and Postnatal Specialist. We asked what pregnant Mum’s should be eating, what to avoid and even […]

Pelvic Floor – What is it and how to look after it

Do you know what your pelvic floor is? Do you know how to look after it during pregnancy and beyond? We spoke to Heba Shaheed, The Pelvic Expert, about the importance of looking after and strengthening your pelvic floor for all new Mama’s and Mama’s to be. What is your pelvic floor and why is it […]